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About Qixi Festival

The Double Seventh Festival, on the7th day of the7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance and it is also called as Chinese Valentine's Day!

In China, there is a beautiful legend about Qixi Festival. Niulang and Zhinu can only meet once a year. They go up the ladder built by magpies and meet on the day of Qixi Festival.

The building is surrounded by six magpies, and the center is surrounded by six small castles and a big one, which symbolizes that the hall is full of descendants? You can use it as a safe area or administrator's home. It must be cool on your server!

(Some people think it's more like Godzilla than a magpie?)

*Please note that this building needs to turn on stability 0 temporarily, and turn off stability 1 after no weighing in the setting area!






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