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  • Rust - Zipline and Rail Update



    There are some very nice additions that have come our way with possibilities abound! Many of the updates are in preparation for future expansions, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of potential plugins!

    The two major updates are the procedural rail network for the upcoming choo choos and the zip lines and powerline platforms. Other improvements are nothing to shake a stick at but are less likely to be taken advantage of by modifications – new achievements, improved lighting at monuments, and quality of life improvements.

    So as you can expect, the focus on this week’s ‘Extending the Patch’ post will be centered around zip lines, powerline platforms, and the rail network.


    The Rail Network

    So, trains are coming to the surface. That much we certainly know. While there’s still in the dark about much related to the final product, surely we can dream.

    If in fact, the rail network will be populated with full trains having multiple cars I can imagine a few modifications that would make sense.

    • An event where the train automatically travels the tracks carrying precious cargo. Players must board the train and stop it to gain access to the loot or simply gain access.
    • Add peacekeeper turrets to the train allowing safe passage for players going from one place to another.
    • Ability to control various aspects of the train such as top speed, acceleration, etc.

    I could easily see an event similar to the Convoy plugin, but with a train. Seems like good fun!

    These are just a few ideas for patches coming down the road, but of course, who knows exactly what will be provided in the next addition.

    I suspect the train will be used primarily as fast travel between monuments so there’s a good chance it’s going to be some sort of safe zone, but then again, who knows.


    Powerline Platforms

    It’s a little hard to believe this wasn’t added sooner. It seems so logical and fun even without the prospect of ziplines. They’re almost electrical sniper towers honestly. At the same time, they’re good just to get a vantage point.

    There are certainly possibilities for these new additions:

    • Spawn special loot randomly on the platforms
    • Add recyclers to some of the platforms
    • Add horse hitches to some of the platforms
    • Spawn scientists or bots at some platforms

    Right now the platforms seem only important for the sake of the zip lines. It might be better if they had additional value.



    If you’ve used one of these zip lines, you realize immediately they’re very cool and loads of fun. They get you around quickly and in no time you can cover a lot of ground.

    As always there are surely modifications to be made here to enhance the feature.

    • Allow players to toggle on fast zip lining by default so they don’t have to press a button similar to always run
    • Alloy players to use weapons on zip lines so they’re less vulnerable
    • Allow adjustment of the zipline speeds
    • An event for currency plugins where coins hang in the air below zip lines. Players zipping along would collect them as they pass

    Ok that last one reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog lol

    Already we can see new plugins emerging like Pocket Zipline which allows players to place their own ziplines! Very cool indeed.


    What ideas do you have?

    Stay well and keep flinging code J

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