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  • Rust - Wounding Update & Voice Props DLC



    In Facepunch’s latest patch, they give us a new player wounded system, extensions to the underground tunnels, improved monument artificial intelligence, Nvidia graphics and scaling enhancements, and last but not least, the release of the Voice Props DLC. For developers, the highlights and opportunity for expansion surely are with the wounded system and the Voice Props DLC.

    The wounded system now allows players different gameplay mechanics when they become hurt to provide them with the ability to get back into the game without dying. Players will now crawl unless they are looted, they die from falling damage or they die in the water. If you have a large medical kit in your slot you’ll have a 100% chance of recovering.

    We also get 5 new console variables as well:

    • woundedrecoverchance: Base chance of recovery after crawling wounded state
    • incapacitatedrecoverchance: Base chance of recovery after incapacitated state
    • woundedmaxfoodandwaterbonus: Max % chance added to recovery chance
    • crawlingminhealth: Min health given when a player dies and moves to crawling state.
    • crawlingmaxhealth: Max health given when a player dies and moves to crawling state.

    A good start for a new plugin might simply be a wounded control system that allows the player to initially control these variables in the safety and simplicity of a configuration file, but there are certainly some other possibilities here for extending the game.

    Here’s a couple of ideas for plugins:

    • Prevent crawling and enforce the old method for admins who prefer the old system
    • Alloy players to control the chances of going into a crawling state
    • Control how your food and water levels play a role in your wounded state
    • Provide the ability to set the recovery chance for when you’re in a crawling state
    • Allow other items like syringes to help players recover like large medical kits do

    I can imagine providing all of these options would make for one single plugin that allows players to control every aspect of this process.

    When it comes to the DLC, developers will obviously need to consider that not all players will purchase it. That could result in less market for your creation.

    The Voice Props DLC provides all types of new gadgets like the Cassette Recorder, 3 lengths of cassettes, a Boom Box, a Portable Boom Box, 3 dance gestures, a Megaphone, a Microphone Stand, Music Light, Music Lasers, Disco Floors, a connected speaker, and a Mobile Phone!

    Here’s a bunch of plugin ideas:

    • Store something other than audio on a Cassette Recorder like demos
    • Modify the distance Megaphones or boom boxes can sound off at
    • Not necessarily for dances only, but a gesture event plugin that allows for automatic gestures based on events

    Hope you enjoy the new capabilities and are able to take advantage of them for some awesome content! So many possibilities for modification!

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂

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