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  • Rust - Season’s Beatings



    Christmas is upon us and with that, Facepunch brings season’s tidings! As has been in Christmas’s past, jingle bells ring, Santa flies overhead in his sleigh and all bad boys and girls are awarded presents in their stockings!

    The patch mainly focuses on festive items such as the:

    • snowman hat
    • pattern boomer firework
    • advent calendar
    • neon sign pack
    • deluxe Christmas lights
    • snow machine
    • snowman
    • festive garlands pack
    • Christmas door wreath
    • Santa beard

    Most of these items are repeats from last year with the exception of the pattern boomer firework – a cool idea that allows you to draw a picture and then have fireworks shoot the design up into the air. I can imagine Steenamaroo’s Sign Manager Plugin getting in on the action to allow players to save patterns for later use.

    This week, I only have one idea for a plugin called Santa Beard:

    • One online player is always Santa and they automatically wear the beard. Santa gets a super powerful snowball launcher to defend himself, double the health and everyone is out to get him and his presents.
    • Killing him wins you an assortment of the best possible presents, his snowball grenade launcher and the Santa beard because now you are Santa and everyone wants to kill you.
    • If you last longer than the set amount of minutes, someone else automatically becomes Santa and you are rewarded a masterful prize of the server admin’s choosing! Maybe some nice tea or something.

    Anyway, I’m sure there are a few other ways to expand this that I didn’t think of.

    What do you all think would make this idea pop? Maybe there’s a way to integrate the sleigh into it. A drone operated Santa sleight that drops napalm? Just joking lol.

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


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