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  • Rust - MLRS & Desert Base Update



    Finally all the talk about a new military base monument and MLRS equipment has been born into reality!

    Facepunch has added a military base monument that will be dynamic on every server, every wipe. These will have scientists, loot, and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems or MLRS equipment. The MLRS is used for targeting areas or specifically bases since they can do significant damage. However, SAM sites can counter them.

    For operation of the MLRS there are two items required:

    • MLRS Aiming Module
    • MLRS Rockets

    My first thought for new game mechanisms like this is to allow server owners to control every aspect of this new gameplay.

    • Do players require the aiming module?
    • How many rockets can players add to the MLRS?
    • How much damage do the rockets cause?
    • How many MLRS rockets can SAM sites take out? How much health do they have?
    • What is the MLRS cooldown?
    • What is the radius in which the MLRS will target?
    • Do the MLRS rockets level the area with napalm?
    • How long does the napalm last?

    Or what about some other creative ideas like:

    • When a player mounts the MLRS, spawn heavy scientists outside the MLRS to protect them.
    • Allow spotting bases that will later be shown on the MLRS targeting map.
    • Have the ability to see teammates on the MLRS targeting map to avoid killing them.

    What ideas do you have for plugins using these additions?

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


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