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  • Rust - Going Deep



    This month Facepunch provides us with a massive patch full of tons of great content for players and developers alike. If you consider the Rust world is ‘mostly’ water, this set of improvements have a tremendous impact on the game.

    They’ve added the following major items:

    • Underwater Labs: Procedurally generated dungeons residing on the ocean floor
    • Submarines: a one-man and two-men version that can shoot torpedoes
    • Fishing: the ability to use fishing poles with bait to catch food
    • Sharks: dangerous toothy things to keep you from the underwater goodies

    Certainly there are some major opportunities here.

    What first comes to mind is what every admin wants when a new game mechanic is released. They want to be able to control every aspect, or at least a good portion of the new functionality.

    Underwater Labs


    • Ability to control the speed of the Submarine
    • The Submarine’s health
    • It’s vulnerability to damage
    • How many torpedoes it can hold
    • Allow players to spawn submarines on command with permissions, cooldowns and cost
    • Change the fuel requirements of submarines, unlimited fuel
    • Control how much submarines cost at the fishing village
    • How many torpedoes can they hold
    • What damage do those torpedoes do, what are their speed


    • Frequency of catching fish and the types of fish from a probability standpoint
    • Are there other factors in catching fish like time of day, clothes you wear, standing on the dock, being in a boat
    • What’s the probability of catching junk, what junk can be caught, provide a loot table


    • Speed and ferocity of the sharks
    • Damage sharks do to players, and submarines
    • The population of sharks
    • Boat vs. RHIB protection against sharks
    • Health of the shark

    These are some of the most obvious plugins admins might enjoy, but surely there must be some original ideas that can be lots of fun.

    Here’s a few that come to mind:

    • Make it easier for submarines to detect other submarines on their radar
    • Provide the ability to spawn different levels of submarines, higher levels have more torpedo capacity, are faster in the water
    • Provide the ability to have different fishing poles or different fishing permission tiers with probabilities
    • Make sharks vary in the way they behave so players don’t always know what to expect
    • Have a special shark spawn every once in a while which has increased behavior settings

    Hope you enjoy the new capabilities and are able to take advantage of them for some awesome content! So many possibilities for modification!

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂

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