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  • Rust - December Update



    This month’s patch from Facepunch comes with a unique and enticing name – December Update. If it were me I’d have called it – Excavator Supplies.

    The vast majority of changes are balancing and bug fixes, but there is a major change to the Excavator that may prove interesting for developers.

    The Excavator now has a brand new terminal which can be found near the generator. When in use, charging occurs, and when it hits 100%, it provides players with the ability to request airdrop supplies. This surely makes the Excavator more valuable to players – no doubt groups of players as well.

    So what plugins might we create with this interesting addition?

    Here’s a couple of ideas for plugins:

    • Control the various aspects of this process. How fast it charges, how fast the cargo plane arrives, how fast the crate drops, how many crates fall, or what’s inside it.
    • Have armed guards accompany the airdrop, allow an option for the guards to protect the person who called it in as well as their friends/teammates/clanmates, and specify their health and kits.
    • Announce to the server when an Excavator airdrop is called in to make it more challenging to collect the supplies.
    • Allow the terminal to be used, when charged, as an additional MLRS site where rockets and modules are not required.
    • While the terminal is fully charged, boost the Excavator’s output. Players have to choose between receiving the airdrop and mining more resources.
    • Allow the option to automatically arm the perimeter of the Excavator with land mines and snap traps to prevent players from easily getting at your mined resources.

    I bet there’s quite a few more ideas floating around. There are likely endless ideas on what a terminal can be used for.

    What ideas do you have for plugins using this addition?

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


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