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    Welcome to Codefling’s newest website featurette where we highlight areas of Facepunch’s monthly Devblog in an effort to recognize the potential for extending the game through plugins. Our goal is to stir the imagination of developers and server admins to facilitate the creation of new functionality so we can collectively grow our community and the Rust community at large. Glad to have you reading this first edition!

    So let’s get to it. What exactly does this month’s patch bring?

    There are a ton of features to mention here. The demo system continues to grow more and more robust each month making it easier for anyone to record quality videos, the new artificial intelligence and updated animal models were surely long overdue and compliment HDRP in a major way, and the IFTTT integration is a sweet companion to the Rust+ mobile app allowing Rust electronics to kick off real-world smart devices so you can turn on your home’s lights, set actual alarms, or even trigger the ordering of a pizza based on your choice of events. Everything you need to never get up from your computer chair again!

    While all of those new features are surely notable, the new Contacts seems to best fit the goal of this blog posting as it has the most potential for modification.

    The foundation of the Contacts feature is essentially a player tracking system that allows you to note aggressive and friendly players, but it also allows you to list players you’ve seen so you never forget a name. Players who are near you for a specified amount of time will automatically be considered as ‘seen’, while players who kill you will be categorized as enemies. You can change the way players are categorized and mark them as friendly if you like. Based on how a player is categorized, you’ll see changes in a player’s name tag and you’ll even see different colored dots over the heads of players via binoculars. When players use a waving gesture it will even display their name above their head from a distance.

    Facepunch has said they’re working on a reputation system which seems like a great idea. In the meantime, this appears to be a great foundation for extending the game as it gives us a sturdy platform on which to base spin-off functionality.


    Here are 5 potential ways to take advantage of this new functionality through plugins:

    1. When a player kills another, they are automatically added as an enemy. It might make sense to also add that player’s team or clan members as enemies to that list as well.
    2. When a declared enemy is within a configured radius, sound an alarm or present a message or GUI indicator to alert of potential danger.
    3. Instead of just tracking the name of the person, log the grid where they were last seen.
    4. When declaring someone as friendly, automatically invite them to your team
    5. Allow players to store a comprehensive list of players they’ve seen complete with their locations


    There are no doubt more ways to use this functionality. After all, the foundation of the Contacts feature will do a lot of the work for you by recognizing the potential intentions of the players around you. All we have to do is to ask ourselves the following questions.

    If we had confirmed enemies, how might we or our bases react differently? What about those who are friendly to us? I’m eager to see all of the great new plugins to come that will leverage this new Contacts system! Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


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