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  • Rust - Arctic Update



    There’s quite a bit to Facepunch’s patch this time around and it’s centered around the snow biome which probably hasn’t gotten much love since they introduced icebergs.

    Certainly there are a few significant new features and changes developers may want to take advantage of such as:

    • Two new types of snowmobiles
    • A new arctic base monument
    • A spraycan tool
    • Polar bears
    • New slots in Tool Cupboards for tools


    Aside from all of the typical features players want such as more storage, control over speed and fuel, decay settings and the like, how awesome would it be if the snowmobiles could double as jetski type vehicles and zip around on the water?? Maybe they could spawn in fishing villages in addition to the artic research base.

    Spraycan Tool

    The first thing that comes to mind is Counterstrike. Players always loved the ability to spray-paint logos or premade designs onto the walls. I could see a plugin that allows for present drawings to be spray-painted onto walls or allow players to save their sprays in a plugin like Steenamaroo’s Sign Manager.

    Of course a general spraycan tool that allow server admins to control the various aspects of the tool – especially the time the spray stays around – would be awesome.

    Polar Bears

    Those cuddly wuddly suckers are fierce. How great would it be to tweak their speed, health, etc. 

    Tool Cupboard Slots

    Last, but not least, there are new slots available in Tool Cupboards for tools. Certainty it would be great to expand this. Maybe more slots could be added or the slots there could be expanded to allow other items to be stored there. I say let people store whatever they want there…in fact, that goes for all tool cupboard storage. After all, it’s storage and it’s the player’s right? Let them do what they want. Only required resources will matter. Otherwise it just acts like a box really.

    Can’t wait to see what developers do with these goodies.

    What ideas do you have?

    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂

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