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    Rust - Zipline and Rail Update

    There are some very nice additions that have come our way with possibilities abound! Many of the updates are in preparation for future expansions, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of potential plugins!
    The two major updates are the procedural rail network for the upcoming choo choos and the zip lines and powerline platforms. Other improvements are nothing to shake a stick at but are less likely to be taken advantage of by modifications – new achievements, improved lighting at monuments, and quality of life improvements.
    So as you can expect, the focus on this week’s ‘Extending the Patch’ post will be centered around zip lines, powerline platforms, and the rail network.
    The Rail Network
    So, trains are coming to the surface. That much we certainly know. While there’s still in the dark about much related to the final product, surely we can dream.
    If in fact, the rail network will be populated with full trains having multiple cars I can imagine a few modifications that would make sense.
    An event where the train automatically travels the tracks carrying precious cargo. Players must board the train and stop it to gain access to the loot or simply gain access. Add peacekeeper turrets to the train allowing safe passage for players going from one place to another. Ability to control various aspects of the train such as top speed, acceleration, etc. I could easily see an event similar to the Convoy plugin, but with a train. Seems like good fun!
    These are just a few ideas for patches coming down the road, but of course, who knows exactly what will be provided in the next addition.
    I suspect the train will be used primarily as fast travel between monuments so there’s a good chance it’s going to be some sort of safe zone, but then again, who knows.
    Powerline Platforms
    It’s a little hard to believe this wasn’t added sooner. It seems so logical and fun even without the prospect of ziplines. They’re almost electrical sniper towers honestly. At the same time, they’re good just to get a vantage point.
    There are certainly possibilities for these new additions:
    Spawn special loot randomly on the platforms Add recyclers to some of the platforms Add horse hitches to some of the platforms Spawn scientists or bots at some platforms Right now the platforms seem only important for the sake of the zip lines. It might be better if they had additional value.
    If you’ve used one of these zip lines, you realize immediately they’re very cool and loads of fun. They get you around quickly and in no time you can cover a lot of ground.
    As always there are surely modifications to be made here to enhance the feature.
    Allow players to toggle on fast zip lining by default so they don’t have to press a button similar to always run Alloy players to use weapons on zip lines so they’re less vulnerable Allow adjustment of the zipline speeds An event for currency plugins where coins hang in the air below zip lines. Players zipping along would collect them as they pass Ok that last one reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog lol
    Already we can see new plugins emerging like Pocket Zipline which allows players to place their own ziplines! Very cool indeed.
    What ideas do you have?
    Stay well and keep flinging code J


    Rust - March 2022 Update

    This month’s patch does not have a lot of new features, but instead Facepunch has focused on polishing the game in various areas such as lighting, music, vehicle body visuals, world models, and general quality of life improvements. This does not mean there is no room for plugin developers to help server admins achieve ultimate modification nirvana!
    The changes to decay, fuel and missions may create a need for server admins who do not agree to setup their servers as they like.
    The NoDecay plugin will handle decay for vehicles such as cars, snowmobiles, submarines, minicopters and it even extends to other items such as watchtowers, barbeques, SAM sites, traps and more. However, it would be a great addition to include the newly decay-capable water catchers and barrels so admins could control how long they persist in the world.
    Admins with high population may want to speed up the decay while others may want it lessened.
    Facepunch has modified a couple of fuel related settings that admins may not agree with which creates a great opportunity for plugins that modify those settings.
    The junkyard magnet crane was modified to use more or less fuel depending on the state it is in.
    Fuel consumption at idle reduced by 80% Fuel consumption when not holding anything reduced by 25% This makes sense to help players practice using the crane, but I can see reducing these even further, especially on build and practice servers.
    Also, the snowmobile now will no longer come with any fuel by default. This is a change that makes sense, especially on vanilla servers, but I can imagine some admins will want their players to get up and go quickly using vehicles.
    Vehicle Fuel Manager looks like it is the perfect plugin to handle this task as it allows you to set default fuel amounts and fuel consumption for everything from modular cars to RHIBs to Hot Air Balloons. All it needs is a slight adjustment to handle snowmobiles.
    Quests are the original way to get missions and the Quest System plugin provides you with a log of flexibility to create the missions you want. At the same time, I can imagine a plugin that also modifies the built-in Rust missions in terms of what needs to be done and the rewards. Facepunch just changed the oil hunt mission reward to 50 scrap, but it might be nice to adjust the amount of oil hunted for and the amount of reward especially on a server with high gather rates.
    Certainly there are some great opportunities out there for plugin developers to add to their existing plugins and create new offerings!
    NoDecay plugin might include decay settings for water catchers and barrels Vehicle Fuel Manager plugin might include fuel settings for snowmobiles New plugins may be created to allow better mission control  
    What ideas do you have? Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - Arctic Update

    There’s quite a bit to Facepunch’s patch this time around and it’s centered around the snow biome which probably hasn’t gotten much love since they introduced icebergs.
    Certainly there are a few significant new features and changes developers may want to take advantage of such as:
    Two new types of snowmobiles A new arctic base monument A spraycan tool Polar bears New slots in Tool Cupboards for tools Snowmobiles
    Aside from all of the typical features players want such as more storage, control over speed and fuel, decay settings and the like, how awesome would it be if the snowmobiles could double as jetski type vehicles and zip around on the water?? Maybe they could spawn in fishing villages in addition to the artic research base.
    Spraycan Tool
    The first thing that comes to mind is Counterstrike. Players always loved the ability to spray-paint logos or premade designs onto the walls. I could see a plugin that allows for present drawings to be spray-painted onto walls or allow players to save their sprays in a plugin like Steenamaroo’s Sign Manager.
    Of course a general spraycan tool that allow server admins to control the various aspects of the tool – especially the time the spray stays around – would be awesome.
    Polar Bears
    Those cuddly wuddly suckers are fierce. How great would it be to tweak their speed, health, etc. 
    Tool Cupboard Slots
    Last, but not least, there are new slots available in Tool Cupboards for tools. Certainty it would be great to expand this. Maybe more slots could be added or the slots there could be expanded to allow other items to be stored there. I say let people store whatever they want there…in fact, that goes for all tool cupboard storage. After all, it’s storage and it’s the player’s right? Let them do what they want. Only required resources will matter. Otherwise it just acts like a box really.
    Can’t wait to see what developers do with these goodies.
    What ideas do you have?
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - Season’s Beatings

    Christmas is upon us and with that, Facepunch brings season’s tidings! As has been in Christmas’s past, jingle bells ring, Santa flies overhead in his sleigh and all bad boys and girls are awarded presents in their stockings!
    The patch mainly focuses on festive items such as the:
    snowman hat pattern boomer firework advent calendar neon sign pack deluxe Christmas lights snow machine snowman festive garlands pack Christmas door wreath Santa beard Most of these items are repeats from last year with the exception of the pattern boomer firework – a cool idea that allows you to draw a picture and then have fireworks shoot the design up into the air. I can imagine Steenamaroo’s Sign Manager Plugin getting in on the action to allow players to save patterns for later use.
    This week, I only have one idea for a plugin called Santa Beard:
    One online player is always Santa and they automatically wear the beard. Santa gets a super powerful snowball launcher to defend himself, double the health and everyone is out to get him and his presents. Killing him wins you an assortment of the best possible presents, his snowball grenade launcher and the Santa beard because now you are Santa and everyone wants to kill you. If you last longer than the set amount of minutes, someone else automatically becomes Santa and you are rewarded a masterful prize of the server admin’s choosing! Maybe some nice tea or something. Anyway, I’m sure there are a few other ways to expand this that I didn’t think of.
    What do you all think would make this idea pop? Maybe there’s a way to integrate the sleigh into it. A drone operated Santa sleight that drops napalm? Just joking lol.
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - December Update

    This month’s patch from Facepunch comes with a unique and enticing name – December Update. If it were me I’d have called it – Excavator Supplies.
    The vast majority of changes are balancing and bug fixes, but there is a major change to the Excavator that may prove interesting for developers.
    The Excavator now has a brand new terminal which can be found near the generator. When in use, charging occurs, and when it hits 100%, it provides players with the ability to request airdrop supplies. This surely makes the Excavator more valuable to players – no doubt groups of players as well.
    So what plugins might we create with this interesting addition?
    Here’s a couple of ideas for plugins:
    Control the various aspects of this process. How fast it charges, how fast the cargo plane arrives, how fast the crate drops, how many crates fall, or what’s inside it. Have armed guards accompany the airdrop, allow an option for the guards to protect the person who called it in as well as their friends/teammates/clanmates, and specify their health and kits. Announce to the server when an Excavator airdrop is called in to make it more challenging to collect the supplies. Allow the terminal to be used, when charged, as an additional MLRS site where rockets and modules are not required. While the terminal is fully charged, boost the Excavator’s output. Players have to choose between receiving the airdrop and mining more resources. Allow the option to automatically arm the perimeter of the Excavator with land mines and snap traps to prevent players from easily getting at your mined resources. I bet there’s quite a few more ideas floating around. There are likely endless ideas on what a terminal can be used for.
    What ideas do you have for plugins using this addition?
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - MLRS & Desert Base Update

    Finally all the talk about a new military base monument and MLRS equipment has been born into reality!
    Facepunch has added a military base monument that will be dynamic on every server, every wipe. These will have scientists, loot, and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems or MLRS equipment. The MLRS is used for targeting areas or specifically bases since they can do significant damage. However, SAM sites can counter them.
    For operation of the MLRS there are two items required:
    MLRS Aiming Module MLRS Rockets My first thought for new game mechanisms like this is to allow server owners to control every aspect of this new gameplay.
    Do players require the aiming module? How many rockets can players add to the MLRS? How much damage do the rockets cause? How many MLRS rockets can SAM sites take out? How much health do they have? What is the MLRS cooldown? What is the radius in which the MLRS will target? Do the MLRS rockets level the area with napalm? How long does the napalm last? Or what about some other creative ideas like:
    When a player mounts the MLRS, spawn heavy scientists outside the MLRS to protect them. Allow spotting bases that will later be shown on the MLRS targeting map. Have the ability to see teammates on the MLRS targeting map to avoid killing them. What ideas do you have for plugins using these additions?
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - Halloween 2021 Darkness Falls

    Facepunch has delivered its Halloween patch and Frankenstein never disappoints! Yes, you can craft your own Frankenstein which will automatically defend you, follow you around, and help you attack your enemies.
    Basically, you assemble a head, torso and legs (to which there are several versions) on a Frankenstein table and you can bring your new Franky to life. They’ve included a new in-game controls menu to provide players with a graphical method to order your new ‘pet’ around.
    Seems like a great opportunity to potentially create a sophisticated pet plugin now that there’s a fancy GUI.
    They’ve also added some new items to the game specific to Halloween:
    Skull Rock Carvable Pumpkin Certainly the Frankenstein addition provides plugin developers with a solid backdrop for controlling AI driven animals and NPCs. The GUI is a great addition that will make plugins more professional so as not to require players laboring through commands which can be quite frustrating and detract from the fun of the game.
    I can envision a major extension of the popular pet plugin or an NPC gang plugin that allow players to have groups of NPCs that will follow, protect and attack.
    What ideas do you have for plugins using these additions?
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - Missions & QOL

    This month Facepunch’s patch focuses on missions, a new camper vehicle, and quality of life!
    Missions are initially geared towards new players to help them get starter items, but they expect this is going to expand to include more advanced missions as time goes on. Who knows maybe they’ll create the dungeon type of mobs you see in popular MMOs for larger groups of players to take on.
    The camper module is pretty awesome! How about a road trip? It’s got lockers, a BBQ, some storage and 4 seats that function as spawn points! If you have the resources you can craft this 2 slot vehicle module and chill with your friends!
    Last, but not least, the always appreciated quality of life additions.
    Signs when picked up save the images on them Auto Turrets auto-authorize you and allow friend authorization You can open doors when being wounded A new admin user interface So what should you developers consider? What opportunities exist for plugins?
    Consider modifying mission rewards Link new gather missions to custom NPCs Using custom objects and prefabs, create new missions Allow for modification of Camper storage sizes Give special properties to camper spawn points Create armored camper vehicles Create armored camper vehicles full of scientists A big change for the role players out there and also a leg up for newly spawned players. Certainly plugin developers have some new toys to tinker with! Can’t wait to see what you all do with it!
    What ideas do you have for plugins using these additions?
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - September Update

    This month the patch is a bit light as Facepunch states they are setting themselves up to provide ‘content-rich, polished patches in October and November’. Any expansion this September are most about fixes and changes rather than additions.
    Still, for plugin developers and map makers, there are some items to take note of:
    Both submarines now have storage Submarines now need to surface once every 10 minutes Renamed crawlingminhealth to crawlingminimumhealth and crawlingmaxhealth to crawlingmaximumhealth Added 21 new prefabs for map makers Player crawling health reduced by 75% Bullets now deal slightly more damage to submarines Here’s a few topics for potential modification
    Expanding the default storage to hold more loot Allowing for code locks to be placed on the storage Adjusting the damage submarines take on from bullets Determining how much oxygen submarines have Crawling
    Consider allowing modification of the crawling health and other variables Make sure you adjust your plugins if you’re using crawlingminhealth or crawlingmaxhealth Prefabs
    They’ve added 21 new prefabs for map makers The coming months will hopefully unveil so more exciting features, but for now, this certainly will give plugin developers and map makers some good stuff to work with!
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂


    Rust - Going Deep

    This month Facepunch provides us with a massive patch full of tons of great content for players and developers alike. If you consider the Rust world is ‘mostly’ water, this set of improvements have a tremendous impact on the game.
    They’ve added the following major items:
    Underwater Labs: Procedurally generated dungeons residing on the ocean floor Submarines: a one-man and two-men version that can shoot torpedoes Fishing: the ability to use fishing poles with bait to catch food Sharks: dangerous toothy things to keep you from the underwater goodies Certainly there are some major opportunities here.
    What first comes to mind is what every admin wants when a new game mechanic is released. They want to be able to control every aspect, or at least a good portion of the new functionality.
    Underwater Labs
    Opens up map making a bit more with underwater building with new prefabs Submarines
    Ability to control the speed of the Submarine The Submarine’s health It’s vulnerability to damage How many torpedoes it can hold Allow players to spawn submarines on command with permissions, cooldowns and cost Change the fuel requirements of submarines, unlimited fuel Control how much submarines cost at the fishing village How many torpedoes can they hold What damage do those torpedoes do, what are their speed Fishing
    Frequency of catching fish and the types of fish from a probability standpoint Are there other factors in catching fish like time of day, clothes you wear, standing on the dock, being in a boat What’s the probability of catching junk, what junk can be caught, provide a loot table Sharks
    Speed and ferocity of the sharks Damage sharks do to players, and submarines The population of sharks Boat vs. RHIB protection against sharks Health of the shark These are some of the most obvious plugins admins might enjoy, but surely there must be some original ideas that can be lots of fun.
    Here’s a few that come to mind:
    Make it easier for submarines to detect other submarines on their radar Provide the ability to spawn different levels of submarines, higher levels have more torpedo capacity, are faster in the water Provide the ability to have different fishing poles or different fishing permission tiers with probabilities Make sharks vary in the way they behave so players don’t always know what to expect Have a special shark spawn every once in a while which has increased behavior settings Hope you enjoy the new capabilities and are able to take advantage of them for some awesome content! So many possibilities for modification!
    Stay well and keep flinging code 🙂



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